Satire & Exposé

Here are the links to our Satire & Exposé videos on YouTube and Vimeo.
The Videos are sorted in chronological order according to release dates.
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Release of “In the Clouds”

Genre: Satire / Exposé

Duration: just a little under 10 minutes.


Without any intention to “ blow my own horn,” I venture to say that this is my finest piece of satire to date.
Then again, each of us have different tastes and preferences. :-) 

“The Journey Home – with French Dressing, please.”

Genre: Satire / Exposé

Duration: 10 minutes


Will this video upset a few people? Yes. Do I care? No. And yes.
No, because I feel it is my sacred duty to use my skills to expose impostors. I mean, to at least try.
And Yes, because this video may help a few to become sober and get real.

“Goin’ To The Dogs


Very short, under 2 minutes.
Let the Swami guide you to the perfection of life ;-)

“The Brute, The Mad and The Smudgy


I am delighted to release my new video “The Brute, The Mad and The Smudgy.”
Duration: A little under 12 minutes.

To not take the fun out of watching I am not disclosing anything in advance.
Only this much: After my last video I needed to create a light-hearted one – for my own mental and emotional balance.
Still, it sure is a satire piece. Fighting absurdity with absurdity, as one of my friends would say. Only, it is somewhat mild in its approach. I don’t see how anyone could be offended by this one. In fact, I think I am being charitable to them Swamis – perhaps even flattering.

“The Dark Side” 

Duration: 10 Minutes


WARNING: The video is not one of my satire pieces. The subject of child abuse in general,
and in religious institutions in particular, is too serious for satire.
And it is certainly not for the faint of heart. So, what is it? It is hard to put a “Genre Stamp” on this one.
I guess, it could be classified under “Education/Exposé.”

Some people will get very, very upset. Others will appreciate this film.
Such is life. I finally “overstepped that line.” Which was long overdue and I am glad I did. 

“Man Of Miracles


“Man Of Miracles”
I guess, you also could call it: The Gospel according to St. Brian ;-)
Duration: A little over 5 minutes

I like to express my sincere thanks and apologies to the great comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson 

“Always On My Mind”

Genre: Satire / Exposé

Duration is exactly 5 minutes.


It was after much deliberation that I produced this video. After even further deliberation I am releasing it today.

You find some of my reasons for this at the end of the video in the text-/creditroll, which you should feel free to skip. However, I suggest you read it.

“Reaching Out”

Genre: Satire / Exposé

Duration: only 7 minutes; exactly and approximately ;-)


WARNING: While the beginning part contains some mild French humour – the larger second part is a different story. If you can’t handle borderline humour, please do not bother to watch this video. Brits won’t have any problem, though.

Quote for September 2019

tat te ’nukampāṁ su-samīkṣamāṇo

bhuñjāna evātma-kṛtaṁ vipākam

hṛd-vāg-vapurbhir vidadhan namas te

jīveta yo mukti-pade sa dāya-bhāk


My dear Lord, one who earnestly waits for You to bestow Your causeless mercy upon him, all the while patiently suffering the reactions of his past misdeeds and offering You respectful obeisances with his heart, words and body, is surely eligible for liberation, for it has become his rightful claim.

(Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 10.14.8)