Typing Characters with Diacritical Marks Made Easy

Easy Input of Diacritcs

Typing characters with diacritical marks the easy way.
I designed a keyboard layout for exactly this purpose.
This is for anyone who needs or wants to write transliteration of Devanāgarī (for Sanskrit) and other Indic scripts reguarly. (Or likes to use diacritics even in online communication)


You will need a computer running Microsoft Windows with a keyboard of any English language flavour.
If you like to give it it try, the download link is below.
The package is rolled into a so-called ZIP-Archive (.zip) After downloading, right-click and choose “Extract.”


You will find:

1) The installer
2) A Keystroke-Combinations Look-Up Table (which is only needed in the beginning because the keystrokes are extremely easy to memorize)
3) My installation guide and some technical notes in plain English 


Here then is the Download-Link to the package: Diacritics_KB_EN.zip.

Quote for Oktober 2019

tat te ’nukampāṁ su-samīkṣamāṇo

bhuñjāna evātma-kṛtaṁ vipākam

hṛd-vāg-vapurbhir vidadhan namas te

jīveta yo mukti-pade sa dāya-bhāk


My dear Lord, one who earnestly waits for You to bestow Your causeless mercy upon him, all the while patiently suffering the reactions of his past misdeeds and offering You respectful obeisances with his heart, words and body, is surely eligible for liberation, for it has become his rightful claim.

(Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 10.14.8)